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Amitsorsuaq, seen from the canoe center
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Save the "Arctic Circle Trail"

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Save the "Arctic Circle Trail"

Yes it's true. The Qeqqata Municipality, along with its request to have a selected area between Greenland's West coast and the inland ice registered in UNESCO's World Heritage List, has decided to set up an "All Terrain Vehicle-" or ATV-road between Sisimiut (coast) and Kangerlussuaq (international airport), where to this day Greenland's most famous hiking trail - the "Arctic Circle Trail " - exists. On the western part of the trail, the road is planned using the hiking trail's route, while the hiking trail itself should be redirected into an area which the best known travel guide classifies as "life-threatening"; and the eastern part of the trail will be devalued by the parallel running road.
Sources for further information are available via the links at the end of this text. Now, however, urgent action is needed, because the project can start at any time. We therefore call for signing this petition:
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