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Amitsorsuaq, seen from the canoe center
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Our association was founded by hikers on the Polar Route, also known as the "Arctic Circle Trail". They aim to preserve this trail. It is Greenland's and probably the Arctic's most famous hiking trail. In 2016, 1,290 hikers were counted here. And because so many hikers last but not least can give reason to some burden for the trail, some hikers on the trail have founded our association as a contribution to prevent that. But now the trail is more threatened by plans to build an ATV (ATV = All Terrain Vehicle) road.

4500 Years and a Hiking Trail

For more than four millennia, the area through which the trail passes has been a migration area for nomadic hunters. These people certainly had no scientific concept of sustainability. But they practiced it. Even today, the country looks as it did 4500 years ago when the first human set foot on it. If a cultural landscape can have a message to mankind, that's one. Let's listen to it!

The Hiking Trail and the World Heritage

In appreciation of the importance of the region, in 1996, the Nordic Council of Ministers suggested to include the area in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One year ago, such an application was made. But together with this, the community is now planning to build an ATV road, partly on the trace of the hiking trail, partly parallel to it. The municipal council's members believe it to make tourism more lucrative in this way. We see that differently and want to prevent it.

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